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Patriots Girl & LA Chick

LA chick (left🐾7) and Patriots girl (right🐾6) just finished working out and looked like they were going for a relaxing walk to cool down. I was sitting at a bench when they were walking my way. I was a bit imtimidated (Just LOOK at them, WOW!) but told myself to get my mind right. They're ONLY SUPER GORGEOUS and ATHLETIC! As they got closer, without ANY hesitation I asked if they would be okay with me taking pictures of their feet. "Okay! I like my feet!" Said Patriots' girl with an eager smile. Although LA chick doesn't think about her feet, she was happy to be a part of the portfolio with her friend!

The girls looked SO YOUTHFUL that I had to ask if they were over 18...Lol their mismatched socks tho!

Patriots Girl does a PHENOMENAL JOB taking care of her feet. I could NOT stop complimenting her! She really appreciated the attention she was getting in PUBLIC.

I LOVED the Light Pink/Creme nail polish color she wore on her toes! I could tell PG constantly gets pedicures because her soles were SUPER SMOOTH to touch! The brunette beauty even told me she was getting a pedicure later that day! I think she was BORN to be a FOOT MODEL 🐾 6

LA Chick has a mysterious aura that makes her SEXY. I was ANXIOUS to see the blonde beauty's size 7 feet. In this picture, she's looking like "Yeah, I KNOW you like my feet!"


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