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I was about to call it a day after numerous successful spontaneous shoots when a Blonde girl wearing flip flops caught my eye from a distance while I was chatting with a Jehovah's Witness. She was moving kind of fast so I cut the convo short with the JW and briskly walked off, hoping to catch the Blonde before she left my sight. "Damn! Slow down beautiful." I said to myself as I turned the corner to see where she went. Then I saw a brown haired cutie named Magdalene sitting down on the sidewalk, waiting for her ride. The grey Nike sneakers she wore looked GREAT on her feet. I could tell she was a trendy person just by looking at her work outfit. Suddenly I didn't care about the Blonde anymore. I sat down next to Magdalene and complimented her shoes. The intelligent brown haired beauty told me that although she's in her last year of college, she often gets mistaken for a teenager. "One time I was at the airport and someone asked if I needed assistance getting to the terminal because they thought I was a child!" She told me. "Well, consider your youthful looks a gift! Most people don't keep them for long." I responded. Magdalene was easy to talk to. I felt comfortable bringing up my foot photography to her when she asked what I did for work. "Oh dang! Haha that's different!" She giggled. I couldn't help but ask to take pictures of her. I was curious about how GORGEOUS her feet must look. I assumed that they HAD to MATCH her beautiful face. "Oh really? What do you want me to do?" Magdalene asked.


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