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Cassandra & Mia

Before I approached these girls, I encountered two other women and asked to take pictures of their feet. "Oh my God no way! You have a FOOT FETISH!!??" They scattered like roaches. I kept walking. 30 seconds later, I met Cassandra (left 🐾8) and Mia (right 🐾 10). They too look like the type to be freaked out by foot pictures. Instead, Cassandra said "My feet aren't done but if you wanna take pictures of them, go ahead!" Mia said "Ohhh Gosh! My feet aren't done either, are you sure?" I responded with ACTIONS instead if WORDS so IMMEDIATELY, we started our SPONTANEOUS PUBLIC FOOT SHOOT.

"You girls are CHAMPIONS!" I encouraged the beauties as these photos were snapped. They giggled nervously, still wondering HOW they became INSTANT FOOT MODELS.


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