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Anastasia Rose

Meet Anastasia and her sexy size 8.5 feet. She's an aspiring model who's going places and will probably be famous in the future. As soon as the blue eyed beauty showed up at my door, I knew our shoot would be fun. She came over wearing sneakers without socks, so her feet were hot and steamy! During a brief photoshoot, I took a whiff of her soft pink soles and nearly came in my pants at that moment!

After recording Anastasia's interview and her "Sole Sniffer" clip, I brought up the idea of a foot smelling blowjob. Originally we planned a handjob, but I wanted to do something new and seeing how gorgeous she was in person, I really wanted to feel her beautiful lips. After some resistance, the blue eyed brunette agreed to blowing me! Say it with me... Instant Boner! Since this was my first time doing a blowjob scene, I spent 10 minutes getting the camera angle right. Once everything was in order, we got started. She wasted no time wrapping her soft lips around my sensitive dick. Anastasia's mouth was so warm just like I had envisioned it. I was moaning like a porn star in no time! Every time her lips touched my dick, I felt like I was gonna cum. I wanted to explode in her mouth so I could show her how good she was doing. Damn, I wish she would blow me everyday! It was such a great sensation that I told her how amazing the blowjob was during the video. With her sweaty feet in my face and warm, sexy lips kissing my dick, I was in paradise. Before long, I lost it and made a mess on her. That experience totally made my day.


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